Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little NW Inspiration

All these are from on or around Guemes Island, courtesy of Mister.

The Guemes Ferry

The ferry heads back to the mainland
First day of crab fishing season

Ghostly barge in the Guemes Channel

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012


Lonicera....who knew that is the scientific name for honeysuckle?  Not this girl.  And I can see why Scentsy chose to name this Lonicera instead of honeysuckle....because people like me, who typically despise honeysuckle scents would have stayed far away from what turns out to be a really good, do-over scent.

Scentsy describes Lonicera like this: Taste the sweet nectar from a honeysuckle trumpet as warm amber and patchouli hover above a spring garden.

Well, on that description alone, I would normally be running in the opposite direction, and not just because of the honeysuckle, which I usually find overly sweet and funeralish.  But I tend to avoid patchouli, too, which is typically a bit too Haight-Ashbury or Telegraph Ave. for me. 

Can I just say, I really really like Lonicera.  Really.  It has a hint of honeysuckle, with strong overtones of powdery, warm amber, and the tiniest dash of patchouli that just adds the smallest bit of woodsiness to the whole thing.  It's got plenty of throw, yet it is a subtle, not overwhelming scent.  Thumb's up!  It makes me think of a soft, sunny spring morning out on the patio.

Scent Rating:                8
Scent Throw:               Strong
Scent Lasting Power:   Excellent

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wishing Well

Have ya been thinking to yourself, hey, this girl sells Scentsy, so she's never gonna have a negative review of anything Scentsy? 

Well, that all ends here.  Yes, folks.  There are Scentsy scents I don't care for.  It goes back to that "scents are personal" thing.  I may not like the forthcoming scent, but you may adore it.  I think it has a lot to do with our scent "memory"--what we associate scent with--that colors our love, or dislike, of scent.  So, don't let my negative review color your urge to try it.  If you're unsure, find your local consultant and get a good whiff of her/his tester!

Wishing Well
Scentsy says Wishing Well smells like: A pool of fresh rainwater, with soothing water hyacinth and subtle green fern.

I get funeral flowers with a hint of old-lady perfume.  The full disclaimer is that I don't care for any floral scents that feature gardenias, jasmine, rose, or, as it turns out, hyacinth.  So, if you are a floral lover, this is probably the scent for you.  I bought this one before I was a Scentsy consultant, so I went on the rainwater description smell-unsniffed because I tend to really like water scents.  Not a good plan.  Now I have six cubes of Wishing Well languishing in my Scenty cupboard, just taking up space.  Sigh.

On the positive side, it has a HUGE throw, and the last power was phenomenal--several days.   So, if Wishing Well is the scent for you, one bar will last you a good long while.  In summary:

Wishing Well,
Scent Rating: 4
Throw: Strong
Lasting Power: Excellent!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amalfi Coast and Sunkissed Citrus Review

Are you a citrus lover?  I am.  Problem is, finding citrus scents for my home that don't smell like Pledge or some other cleaner for my home.  I've never found one in the mall-brand (you know who I'm talking about!!!) that I just really loved.  Scentsy, however, really rocks the citrus world, imo.  Today, I'm reviewing two of them that I absolutely love.  First up:

Amalfi Coast
Scentsy describes Amalfi Coast as "A warm afternoon in a sun-drenched Italian citrus grove: sparkling pomelo, white grapefruit, Capri lime."

Really, it is hard to top that description!  Warmed, I get lots and lots of tart grapefruit with just a hint of sweet citrus to balance.  I love it so much, I have a scent circle in my car.  YUM!  It is a 10+ in my scent rating and the throw I would rate as medium.

The only downside to the Scentsy citruses is they lack the staying power of most of Scentsy scents.  But, I have the same problem w/ citrus-based scents in other brands, too, so it must be a citrus-thing.  Expect 4-8 of good strong scent from a cube.

Scent Rating: 10
Throw Rating: Medium
Lasting Power--low

Sunkissed Citrus
Scentsy's Description?   A lively blend of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit.

Sunkissed Citrus, to me, is another citrus winner.  I get a LOT of orange out of this one, and it is definitely a bit sweeter than Amalfi Coast.  The top note is very warm and sunny, almost like there is a tiny hint of vanilla in it, although the description doesn't support that theory ; )

There's no hint of orange cleaner in this one, thank goodness--just lots of pure, warm citrus.  I give this one a 9.  I do love it, but I reserve the 10 rating for scents that send me over the moon!  The throw is quite good--Medium, but like Amalfi Coast, Sunkissed Citrus doesn't have a huge staying power.  Again, expect 4-8 hours of scent from a cube.  Still, not bad, considering there are 7 more cubes in the pack awaiting the warmer!

Scent Rating: 9
Throw Rating: Medium
Lasting Power--low

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