Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Football Scrapbook Layout

Darling Daughter SW, who is my chief papercrafting partner in crime, created these beautiful layouts for a football scrapbook she is creating for her sweetheart, J, for Christmas.  I love her artistic sensibility in these layouts--they really fit J's personality; SW has a real gift for styling her layouts to fit the recipient. 

The papers in these layouts are all high school and college papers purchased from our local scrapbook store.  I love that you can get custom papers like this.

The sayings/writings are all quotes from Frosty Westering, former football coach for Pacific Lutheran University, who is J's hero.  J has a real passion for all things football, but he is also a wonderful Christian servant, and the best thing about the football program at PLU is the emphasis on team, community, and sportsmanship.  For instance, any player caught swearing faces a formal reprimand.  How great is that?  When facing opposing teams who try to intimidate them with swearing and foulness, the young men will simply respond, "do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"  It is SOOOO nice to see that mindset in today's crazy world!

Anyway, off my are the pics!

Junior High
High School

High School

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