Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Make Your Own Coupon Organizer Tutorial

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I have been wanting to make a coupon organizer for some time.  Then, I saw the event book that Sheila made, over at She's a Sassy Lady, and knew that the general idea was just what I wanted my organizer to be--only different, of course ; )   (If you aren't familiar with Sheila's blog, go visit!  She has so many wonderful ideas and lots of guest bloggers that share their wonderful ideas, too!)

So...I took her idea and changed it up to suit my needs.

Here's what you'll need:
  • My Creations Cube (or 2 5" pieces of chipboard)
  • Six sheets double-sided paper (one for the cover and facing and five for the insides ( I used the new Wings paper packet)
  • die cutter to create words or Alphabet stickers
  • Glue 
  • ATG tape dispenser or similar
  • 3 x 5 paper pad (available from Staples in packs of 12)
  • ribbon
  • Embellishments as desired (I used Level I and Level II Wings Stickease stickers)
  • Bind it all or similar w/ 1" o-rings
  • scissors

I took two squares from the 5" CTMH My Creations Cube (or use your own 5" chipboard squares.)

Creating the outside cover:  For the front and back, cut 2 pieces of paper 5 1/2".  Score 1/4" on all sides, and cut the corners nearly to where the scoring crosses.  Center and glue to one side of a piece of chipboard, folding edges over to the wrong side of the chipboard.  Glue down.  Repeat with second chipboard piece.  I like to use CTMH's Bonding Memories Glue (or zig glue).  Although I love my ATG dispenser and Zip Dry Glue (shhhh...don't tell CTMH), I've tried them for this purpose and just find the Bonding Memories really does work the best for this application.
For the inside, cut two pieces of coordinating paper 4 7/8".  Glue to the inside facing of the chipboard.

Creating the inside pages:  Cut 5 pieces of double sided paper 9 1/2" x 7".  Score at 4 3/4" along the long edge.  Turn and score 2 1/4" along the shorter edge.  Fold and crease along the 2 1/4" line, and then fold along the first score line and crease well.  This will create 10 coupon pockets.  At this point, bind your papers together with your chipboard according to your bindery-maker's directions.  For mine, I punched 8 holes with the BinditAll.  I typically create a template out of scrap paper first and then use removable tape to adhere the template to my product I want to bind.  I punched the holes for the inside pages first, since they are 4 3/4" square, and then punched the holes for the cover next.  Finally, I assembled with the 1" binding O-wires.

Embellishing: I used my Cricut Expression and my Gypsy to create the wording with the Elegant Cakes cartridge.  They are 1" high and welded together to cut in one swoop.  Alphabet stickers would work great, too!  The words are matted on scraps leftover from creating the inside pages.  Mats measure 2 1/4" x 3"; 2 1/2" x 3 1/4"; and 2 3/4" x 3 1/2".  I used stickers to embellish my book because I knew this item would be living in my "purse of magic wonders" and I didn't want buttons, brads, or ribbons to get caught.

Finishing the Inside--I use a 2" length of ribbon looped under my notepad as a pen holder.  Use the ATG or other tape dispenser to tape down the notepad to the inside front cover.  On the inside back cover, I glued down a 3" length of ribbon diagonally (see pic) to hold a pair of scissors.  Hide the end of the ribbon w/ some embellishments, if desired.

It would be very cute to label each page with my coupon categories--that may be my next step!


  1. This is just perfect as a coupon book!!! It turned out wonderful. Love your colors and that was really sweet of you to mention Shes A Sassy Lady as you inspiration! Wow I feel so honored! TFS

  2. Thanks for the wonderful idea I gave been wanting to make one of these. I mean why buy one if you can make it right!


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