Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year of Giving Dangerously

Happy New Year!

I love the New Year...I always feel like I'm starting with a "clean slate" and that, like Anne of Green Gables says, "tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it!"

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  I don't usually, but this year I am making one....this will be my "year of giving dangerously."  

Some of you may or may not know that my teaching job of nearly 12 years is ending this year.  Community colleges in my area are consolidating, and my program (accounting/bookkeeping) is duplicated at four colleges within a twenty mile radius.  Sad as that it for me (and I LOVE is my true calling, maybe because I always feel like I'm learning, too.  It's a blessing), I do feel like this is an opportunity for me, one that is both terrifying AND exciting.  

My family is also very blessed that my DH has an excellent stable job with an outrageously good company.  While doing without my income will challenge us, I'm also very mindful of how many are suffering true hardship right now.  I hear stories every day about people truly struggling, and it breaks my heart. 

So this year my resolution is GIVING--really being mindful of giving to others in need.  There are so many ways to give--monetarily and with service.  Although we have always tried to be as generous as possible charity-wise, this year, I really want to expand my personal service giving.  I'll be brainstorming ideas, but my first area of service will be to help a friend of one of my daughter's wade through a difficult tax situation.  (I'm an enrolled agent.)  She is really suffering due to this burden, and feels ashamed (unnecessarily) and yoked monetarily by it.  If I can help her wade through the complex tax law  and lift that burden just a would be awesome!

Would any of you be willing to join me in committing to give to your own community this year?  Small actions often ripple into large impact (the butterly effect).  If you are willing, leave me a comment letting me know you're joining in!  We CAN change our world--one person at a time.  

May your new year be filled with fulfilled dreams!

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  1. ME!! I will be joining you in this. It has been my goal since I can remember to help others. May this year be the one to really make a difference.


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