Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogger Tutorial--Linking Paypal with Your Blog PART ONE

Have you been wanting to add items to your blog or website to sell? Want to use paypal to process payments? This tutorial will take you through the steps.    
Note: Please take the time to explore Merchant Services as shown on steps 1 and 2; Paypal has costs associated with it, and there are several options to choose from. You will need to choose the best option for yourself!  Disclaimer:  This tutorial only shows how to get in and access the options.  This tutorial is not a recommendation for any particular service, nor do I necessarily advocate for any paypal services of any type.   Please use your own best discretion when choosing business services for your business ; )

Moving ahead:
1.The first step in adding paypal "Buy Now" buttons to your blog or website is to log in to your paypal account and then click on the Merchant Services tab:
2.  The next step is to explore merchant services.  The choices at the left of the following screen require some exploration, particularly the first two options next to the arrow shown below.  Start with the top option and we'll see what that looks like.
3.  Click on Website Payments Standard shown next to the arrow in the step 2 picture.  There are several areas to explore here--one is the tutorial shown next to the black arrow in the next picture.  Also take a look at each of the tabs show next to the red arrows.
  • What You Get--Explains Basics of What is Offered in the Service
  • How it Works--Be sure to check this out; it takes you through a quick 30-second visual explanation
  • Setting Up--This is the area where you choose what kind of payment button you want to add
  • Pricing--The cheapest option for a casual business paypal user is a 2.9% of sale + .30 per transaction fee, so be sure to check that out under the Pricing Tab. 
The WHAT YOU GET screen
How it Works Screen

Setting Up Screen
Pricing Screen

TO BE CONTINUED....I'll be posting part two of this tutorial on Saturday....

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