Saturday, January 22, 2011

Linking Paypal to Your Blog--PART TWO

1. Once you've done your due diligence and researched the costs and your best paypal option, you're ready to begin creating and adding buttons.

To start this part of the tutorial, go back in to your Paypal account, click on the Merchant Services tab, and then on the left side of the page, click on Website Payments Standard, then click on the Setting Up Tab as shown above.  Review Part One of the tutorial if none of this sounds familiar.
2. You should arrive at a screen similar to this:
Let's click a buy now button.
3. On this screen you can enter in the info about the item you'll be selling.  Fill it out. The simplest thing to do is fill out a price (you can even add a product code!) and a shipping price.

4.  Scroll down to the bottom and click "create button"
    You should get something like this:

5.  Now all you need to do is select and copy that code and then run over to your blog and paste it where you want it.   Here's how I do that on my blog.  I selected and copied the code, and then went to blogspot dashboard.  You should be in design mode.  Click on an Add a Gadget button in the column or area you want to add the button.  Mine will be in my right column:
6.Scroll down to the HTML/Java button and click on it:

7.  Paste in the code, click save, and voila!

8.  Look!  A new button on my blog!  When the user clicks it, it will take them to a paypal landing page, with all the purchase info you've typed in.
9.  But now you have some decision making to do...of course, you'll want to add a picture gadget above your paypal button, and maybe a description.  Maybe you want to create a whole new page on your blog for your paypal items.  In a future tutorial, I'll address how to add pages to your blog step by step, but if you're impatient and want to mess around on your own a little, explore pagemaking on your own:  under your posting tab in the design mode is a pages tab where you can add and manages pages!  Blogger lets you have 10 additional pages other than your home page and it is a lot of fun to add and remove them as the spirit moves you.

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  1. Thanks again for a great tutorial! I've added a Paypal button to my blog successfully! Looking forward to the next one.


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