Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scrapless Saturday...

I'm super sad!  While the midwest, east coast, and south have all been bushwhacked with snow and cold, we've been in Pineapple Express mode---50's and raining.  Which means, rain in the mountains too!  Nothing worse than skiing in 36 degree RAIN.  So we haven't gone.  I realize there are at least three more potential months of skiing...but ack.  Daughter Sarah's boyfriend Jacob is a new skier with new skis just torturing him with their newness.  Looks like a window of opportunity may be Sunday, with the weather cooling just a bit....THINK SNOW!  I'm waxing everyone's skis today optimistically...

I'm also VERY EXCITED to announce that I've linked up with Thirty One Gifts....Are you familiar with them??  If not, check out my site:  Suz's Thirty One I'll also be working on a blog so I can share all the great monthly specials and highlight the great products:  Suz's Thirty One Blog The blog will go live 2/1 since that is Thirty-One's new catalog kick-off, too!

Don't worry--I'm NOT leaving CTMH!  I absolutely adore this company!  In fact, I've collected up so much scrapstuff that I needed an organizational system, and Thirty One Gifts has a TON of great they are perfect together!  And now that my kidlets are grown...I have time for more of my own thing...Isn't it exciting???


  1. I just noticed where you live - my son lives in Shelton! Next time we head west to visit, I'll have to look you up and thank you in person for all the wonderful blogging tutorials!

  2. I would love that! We could do a little scrapping, too ; )

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad the tutorials are helpful...


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