Friday, February 25, 2011

Perfect Day Round Card

Leah made this round card based on a design in the Wishes book.  It uses the supplies are limited Perfect Day set--still available on my shopping site for $5!  I am soooo tempted to buy it up myself, but after buying four packets, maybe I have enough stashed to satisfy my needs ; )

All supplies are CTMH:
  • Perfect Day Level II Paper Packet
  • Bohemian Alphabet Stamp Set
  • Lucky Workshop on the Go stamp set (bracket)
  • Round card bases
  • 2" scallop punch
  • Juniper and Chocolate Ink
  • Red Button collection

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lucky Layout

This layout is based on a layout in Jeanette Lynton's Reflections book.  My DH has been an avid bicyclist since I've known him (27 1/2 years now), and when I saw the Enjoy Life set of stamps and the Lucky set of papers, I knew I'd be making some layout and cards w/ the great bicycle themes!

All elements are CTMH except the little clips attached to the photo.

  • Enjoy Life Stamp Set
  • Lucky Wotg Level II Paper Packet
  • Lucky Wotg stamp set (for the denim bracket element)
  • Lucky Level II assortment (orange chipboard element)
  • Outdoor Denim, Desert Sand, and Sunset inks
  • Blue ribbon collection

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sarah's Creations

Sarah has been the creator lately....she is rocking the cards this week!  The first two are greeting cards, and the last is the invitation to her sister's bridal shower....
This one uses a retired CTMH stamp set called I am Tickled Pink.

This one uses stamps from the Bliss Wotg.

Tomorrow, I'll share a one page layout I did using the new "Lucky" Level II papers and "Enjoy Life" stamp.  set....Friday, I'll share the cover of my Soul Restoration Art Journal and a card that Leah made using Perfect Day papers.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What I Do When I'm Not Crafting

That's me on the left...DD#3 on the right....Heading up chair 4 at White Pass....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Go Ducks!

Sarah made this card with her boyfriend for her boyfriend's dad's birthday.  He's an Oregonian who is a Ducks fan.  Their nemesis' are the Beavers...hence that seemingly senseless act of violence against the darling Cricut Create-a-Critter beaver...

Of course, it's all in good fun! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Magical Blog Award

Okay...just how did Trisha M of the GREAT blog Finding the Silver Lining know I'm a total Disney nut and that Tinkerbell is my FAVE? She has blessed me with the Magical Blog Award, which is such an honor because I just think Trisha is a fabulous artist in her own right, and I'm always drooling over her stuff. Thank you, Trisha! You made my day.

I'm supposed to pay it forward, and I AM going to do that, however I will defer that until this weekend. This week is Busy Busy, and I just don't have a spare moment! But, I promise, Trisha, I won't let you down. I'll share the award with some of my favorite bloggers soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blogger Tutorial--Adding Tabs (or Pages) to Your Blog

I've had a few people ask me how to get the "tabs" at the top of a blog. Those are actually "pages" that you can add to your blog where you can put separate content other than just blog posts. Remember you can click on any of the pictures below if you need a closer view!

It is super easy to add pages to your blog. Sometimes a template will have them already included, but if yours doesn't, you can choose a gadget to help you add them. First, go to your design center for your blog. Here's what mine looks like:

Second, click on add a gadget. Look at the gadget list and find the Pages one. You'll click on that to open it up.

Third, you should get something like this, only yours won't have any pages yet! Look down at the bottom of this pop up box. It tells you that you can either have the pages at the top of your blog or as a list in a side column. I named my pages gadget "Pages" as you can see, so I can easily see it when I close the gadget dialog box.

After you close the gadget dialog box, check in your design center to see where your gadget wound up. If you want it under your blog title, just drag it up there!

Next click on the posting tab while in design center. See the link where it says "Edit Pages"? Click on that!

You'll get to this screen, where you can add, edit, or delete pages...of course you'll want to start out by adding a page.

The add a page section looks a lot like a blog post, but here's where you'll put the new content that you want to add.

Remember, you can always go back to the design center, click on the Pages gadget to manipulate the order of pages, or whether or not you even want them displayed. Sometimes, I'll add a page that I want to go "live" in the next month (maybe a monthly special), which is a nice feature. Remember, though, that blogger only allows 10 additional pages ; )

Here is what my blog looks like w/ the pages under my blog title.

Please leave a comment if you found this useful! Also let me know what other types of tutorials you might like to see! Questions are always welcome, too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's and Fundraising

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

All the fun I had this week meant I ran out of time for the last three days of the Valentine's blog hop...lots of skiing, scrapbooking meetups, work, and of course, family, were my prevailing priorities!  When the snow says "ski", ya gotta ski, right?  However, I am working on some wonderful projects for the future, including some layouts, and tomorrow I'll share an adorable Cricut-ed birthday card Sarah and her boyfriend made for his dad's birthday.  

So, since I have no papercrafting to share, I thought I'd share a fundraising opportunity for you.

Thirty One Fundraisers
Do you have a group you are trying to raise funds for?  Maybe:
  • Your daycare or preschool needs new equipment
  • You are doing the Walk for the Cure
  • You are doing a mission and need to raise funds for it
  • Your sports team needs new uniforms
  • Your animal shelter need funds to care for its animals?
  • fill in your need here
One of the easiest and most fun ways to raise money is with 31 Gifts.  I will donate ALL of my commissions, 25% of every product purchase, to your 501(c) charity when you choose 31 as your fundraising vehicle.  Let me tell ya, 31 sells itself!  Your donor gets beautiful bags, totes, diaper bags and all kinds of other organizational products, and you get a hefty donation.

Contact me NOW to schedule your fundraiser.  We can have a live party or a catalog show. Let's talk about the possibilities! Text or call:  253-222-9802 or email me

Wonder why I would donate ALL of my commissions to your group?  Well, that's easy.  I believe strongly in the power of private charity to change people's lives. I believe it is up to US, as individuals, to help our fellow beings.   I believe in the Butterfly Effect...that the small action we do today will reverbrate throughout bringing huge effects somewhere down the road....Let's partner together to make the world a better place!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

14 Days of Valentines--Day #12: Not Really A Valentine ; )

Okay...this is not technically a Valentine.  But, today is the very first meetup that fellow consultant Mary Arellanes and I have organized, and this is the make n take we are doing for it--CTMH sisters will recognize it as the Fanfare Gathering Project. 

It can "qualify" as my own personal valentine because I heart it so much!!   Hope you do, too ; )  I just want to add that this is my own actual card that DH (henceforth called Mister on this blog b/c darn it, that's the nickname we all call him here at home anyway) photographed in the lightbox he fashioned after the one on the incredible Tracey Mason's site.  I love how true the colors turn out!  Much better than in our usual PNW winter gloom pictures!

Elements all CTMH and include:

  • Fanfare paper packet
  • White Daisy card stock
  • Paper Lantern stamp set
  • Pacifica and Cranberry Ink
  • Templates from Wishes Card Confidence Program Book (a must-have!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

14 Days of Valentines--Day #11: Sophia Heart-Topped Box

If you have a Cricut and Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More, then you recognize this darling box w/ the heart top.  I cut mine out of black cardstock (obviously!) and then decorated w/ Sophia, which is my current go-to paper!  The stamp is "A Game"--a versatile tic tac toe stamp set from the new Idea Book w/ a number of small stamp choices for an endless array of decorative choices.  It would make a wonderful background for creating your own paper designs.  Colors are Blush, Pear, Hollyhock, and Black

The stickers are all Sophia Level I and II stickease assortment, bling sparkles from the purple, pink, and red sparkle sets, and of course glitter to sparkle it up.  Fill up with candy, nuts, or other treats, and voila!  A sweet little gift for that special friend or child.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

14 Days of Valentines--Day #10: My Blue Valentine

Shabby Chic-ing it up here...always a challenge for me....but here's my offering for a Blue Valentine...Blue for You.  One thing I really like about it is the "flower" made exclusively from a Kraft Color Ready Border.  Ummm...can you say kraft border addiction??  But seriously, I can't stop using them!

Elements are all CTMH (except ribbon) and include:

  • Papers are all from Magnifique Level II Paper Packet
  • Inks are Pacifica and Lagoon
  • Buttons are from the green button collection
  • White Waxy Flax sponged with Chocolate Ink
  • Heart is from the Miracle Workshop on the Go stamp set
  • Liquid Glass
  • Sentiment is handwritten by DD #3

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    14 Days of Valentines--Day #9 Guy Friend Treat Tin

    If ever a little tin screamed "fill me up w/ M&M's" this is it! It is a recycled tin (daughter Leah is soooo proud of me--her Mum is finally repurposing stuff!) All the rest is CTMH (of course!) The paper packet is one of my favorites from the new IB--"Lucky" and combines Sunset, Olive Green, Bamboo, and Outdoor Denim--a very pleasing color combo that makes lovely masculine or outdoorsy layouts and cards.

    Elements (all CTMH except the tin):
    • Lucky Level II Paper Packet
    • Lucky Level II Assortment (chipboard arrow and circle)
    • Sunset button from Sunset Mini-Medleys
    • Ribbon from Blue Ribbon Collection
    • Stamped heart is from Miracle Stamp Set
    • Stamped "U" is from the Polka Dot Alphabet (a personal favorite!)
    • Inks are Outdoor Denim and Sunset
    • Liquid Glass on the heart and "U"

      Tuesday, February 8, 2011

      14 Days of Valentines--Day #8: Single's Awareness Day

      DD #3 Maura is celebrating S. A. D. for Valentine's Day this year--Single's Awareness Day ; ) This "Valentine" is a celebration of the single life...and a reminder that being single is nothing to be sad about..

      Elements include:

      • All paper from Magnifique Level II Paper Packet
      • Stamps are from Miracle Workshop on the Go stamp set
      • Kraft color ready borders
      • Lagoon Ink

        Monday, February 7, 2011

        14 Days of Valentines--Day #7: How do I Love Thee??

        This card is based on the Merry Go Round pattern in the Wishes card book. I love Wishes; if you don't have a copy--don't sit on the fence any longer! Soooo much inspiration, both in terms of layout ideas and color combos!  I just got it myself this past week, and I. Am. In. Love!

        For this card, I printed out Elizabeth Barrett Browning's How do I Love Thee? in a free font called quid pro quo on lightweight presentation paper. Then, I used a 4" circle template and cut out a circular bit of the poem.  The rest of the elements are all CTMH.  Be sure to click on the picture to get a better view of the poem ; )  ETA:  the stamp ink color is a little washed out in the pic--it is actually much darker in person and matches the ribbon and brads....

        • 4 1/2 circle card base
        • black cardstock
        • ribbon and brads from the tulip mini-medley
        • black waxy flax
        •  heart stamp from the Amore stamp set
        • Ink is Black and Tulip.

        Sunday, February 6, 2011

        14 Days of Valentines--Day #6: Valentine Thanks

        Need to thank someone  AND send a Valentine all in one?  How about these Valentine Thank You Pocket cards that you can tuck a small treat in, again, based upon these cards on the wonderful Inking Idaho blog.  The colors are Juniper, Tulip, Sorbet, and Cocoa.  Ghiradelli valentine chocolate squares fit perfectly in the pocket, along w/ a little confetti also makes a nice hostess thank-you with a petite perks stamp set tucked in!

        • CTMH Perfect Day Level II Paper Packet--available for just $5.00 here (61% discount)
        • Sorbet Dash bulk ribbon --available for just $2.00 here (75% discount)
        • pearl opaques
        • Unity Stamp Set
        • A Little Thanks Stamp Set
        • Juniper and Chocolate Inks

        Saturday, February 5, 2011

        14 Days of Valentines--Day #5: Valentine Notes

        This sweet little post-it note cover features CTMH's Sophia.  The colors are Blush, Hollyhock, and Pear in this set.  It illustrates the decorative possibilities with Stickease packs to make a really quick, cute gift!
        • Hollyhock cardstock--cut a strip 3 1/4" x 7 1/8" Score at 3 1/4" and 3 5/8"
        • Pear card stock is a 3/4" strip scored at 1/2", 1/4", 1/4",1/2" etc and then folded
        • Stickers and cardstock elements are from Sophia Level I Stickease
        • White ricrac ribbon available also from CTMH
        • Sparkles--red, pink, and purple pack
        • 3" green post-it notes are from the "recycled pack"

        Friday, February 4, 2011

        14 Days of Valentines--Day #4: Valentine Pocket Card Part I

        This little pocket card was scraplifted from a wonderful SU blogger--Inking Idaho.    It is perfect for tucking a small chocolate in, or a packet of tea.  Friends and family know which I'd prefer ; )

        The papers on this card is from one of my favorite retiring CTMH Level II paper packets called Perfect Day.  This great packet is available while supplies last for only $5.00 on my website.  I stocked up and so should you!!
        Colors are Juniper, Tulip, Sorbet, and Cocoa

        Other elements include our fabulous new Kraft paper for the cardstock and our Kraft color-ready borders (LOVE these...), sorbet ribbon (another bargain at just $2 on my website), the Amore stamp set and the Unity stamp set.  Inks used were Chocolate and Juniper.  To achieve the two-tone effect, use the rock and roll technique to stamp: load the stamp with the lighter color (juniper) and then roll the edges in the chocolate ink.  For the small hearts, I used rock and roll, and also generational stamping.

        Day after tomorrow, I'll be sharing some more of these pocket cards--only they'll be Valentine thank yous!

        Thursday, February 3, 2011

        14 Days of Valentines--Day #3: Miracle Pure Joy Layout

        This valentine is really a celebration of the engagement of my oldest daughter Leah, to her sweetheart, Scott.

        Their love story is pretty special, since they've been friends for over ten years!  During that time from junior high all the way through college, they dated off and on, but to be honest, more off than on!  Leah kept insisting they were "just friends."  It took an Anne of Green Gables-style "Book of Revelations" moment to make her realize they were meant to be...and the rest is history!  Her Dad and I are pretty darn pleased, because it has always seemed like Scott was part of the family anyway ; )

        Wedding is this spring...and for your viewing enjoyment, a few engagement photos of the happy couple displayed in the Miracle Workshop on the Go Layout.  Forgive the less-than-flattering photo of the display.  DH and I are working on a light box to photograph in our low-light winter conditions ; ) 

        I love this paper packet and think the color scheme of Bamboo, Crystal Blue, Heavenly Blue and Sweet Leaf would be wonderful for so many different looks.

        The display board also features the cards shown on the blog about a week ago ; )

        Elements are:
        • Miracle Workshop to Go
        • Chocolate and Twilight Inks
        • Kraft Color Ready Borders

        Wednesday, February 2, 2011

        14 Days of Valentines--Day #2: Masculine Valentine

        Dear Husband is a minimalist--no frills or ruffles for him.  So, creating a Valentine for him can be a challenge!  Here's what I came up with. 

        Colors are Daisy White, Black, and Cranberry

        • Card is A2 size; it and the smaller hearts cut out w/ Cricut and Accent Essentials cartridge; the large heart is cutout from the card, and the cranberry cardstock layered underneath.
        • CTMH white and cranberry cardstock
        • CTMH Kraft border inked on the wrong side w/ CTMH cranberry ink
        • Black inked sponged around heart borders
        • Black brads from CTMH black mini-medley
        • Stamp from CTMH Live Your Story stamp set

        I'm having a Mystery Hostess Party online, and I'd love for you to come and play!  Here's how it works:

        Go to my website:  Suz' Thirty One

        Click on Place an Order and then click place an order again (!) until you get to the events page.  You'll see the Online Mystery Hostess event.  Click on the shop now button and check out all the great 31 products.  or click HERE  to go straight there.

        You will receive 1 Mystery Hostess entry for every $31 you spend (and for each $31 you spend, you'll have the opportunity to buy a product 31% off regular price!).  At the end of the party (closing date is 2/10), I'll draw one person to be the "Mystery Hostess."  That person will qualify to receive all the hostess rewards for the entire party.  It's that easy!

        Let me know if you have ANY questions about products or personalization...