Thursday, February 3, 2011

14 Days of Valentines--Day #3: Miracle Pure Joy Layout

This valentine is really a celebration of the engagement of my oldest daughter Leah, to her sweetheart, Scott.

Their love story is pretty special, since they've been friends for over ten years!  During that time from junior high all the way through college, they dated off and on, but to be honest, more off than on!  Leah kept insisting they were "just friends."  It took an Anne of Green Gables-style "Book of Revelations" moment to make her realize they were meant to be...and the rest is history!  Her Dad and I are pretty darn pleased, because it has always seemed like Scott was part of the family anyway ; )

Wedding is this spring...and for your viewing enjoyment, a few engagement photos of the happy couple displayed in the Miracle Workshop on the Go Layout.  Forgive the less-than-flattering photo of the display.  DH and I are working on a light box to photograph in our low-light winter conditions ; ) 

I love this paper packet and think the color scheme of Bamboo, Crystal Blue, Heavenly Blue and Sweet Leaf would be wonderful for so many different looks.

The display board also features the cards shown on the blog about a week ago ; )

Elements are:
  • Miracle Workshop to Go
  • Chocolate and Twilight Inks
  • Kraft Color Ready Borders


  1. Very cute layout of your daughter and soon to be son-in-law! Great colors for these picts

  2. This is a great layout! I love the story, too - so sweet. :)

  3. What a wonderful layout! Thanks so much for sharing their story!


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