Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's and Fundraising

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

All the fun I had this week meant I ran out of time for the last three days of the Valentine's blog hop...lots of skiing, scrapbooking meetups, work, and of course, family, were my prevailing priorities!  When the snow says "ski", ya gotta ski, right?  However, I am working on some wonderful projects for the future, including some layouts, and tomorrow I'll share an adorable Cricut-ed birthday card Sarah and her boyfriend made for his dad's birthday.  

So, since I have no papercrafting to share, I thought I'd share a fundraising opportunity for you.

Thirty One Fundraisers
Do you have a group you are trying to raise funds for?  Maybe:
  • Your daycare or preschool needs new equipment
  • You are doing the Walk for the Cure
  • You are doing a mission and need to raise funds for it
  • Your sports team needs new uniforms
  • Your animal shelter need funds to care for its animals?
  • fill in your need here
One of the easiest and most fun ways to raise money is with 31 Gifts.  I will donate ALL of my commissions, 25% of every product purchase, to your 501(c) charity when you choose 31 as your fundraising vehicle.  Let me tell ya, 31 sells itself!  Your donor gets beautiful bags, totes, diaper bags and all kinds of other organizational products, and you get a hefty donation.

Contact me NOW to schedule your fundraiser.  We can have a live party or a catalog show. Let's talk about the possibilities! Text or call:  253-222-9802 or email me

Wonder why I would donate ALL of my commissions to your group?  Well, that's easy.  I believe strongly in the power of private charity to change people's lives. I believe it is up to US, as individuals, to help our fellow beings.   I believe in the Butterfly Effect...that the small action we do today will reverbrate throughout bringing huge effects somewhere down the road....Let's partner together to make the world a better place!

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