Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hope for Japan

CTMH is soooo great!  They've always been a charitably-minded company, but now they've created a stamp set to benefit the people of Japan.
Here's what Jeanette Lynton has to say about it:

We've all been reeling with the images of tragedy and devastation in Japan. If you're looking for an easy, real, practical way to help relief efforts, then I invite you to contact your Close To My Heart Consultant!

Typically, our A-sized sets retail for $7.95/$8.95 CAN, but the "Hope for Japan" set will be available through April 30 for just $5--and Close To My Heart will be donating 100% of the profits to the American Red Cross to benefit relief efforts in Japan.

If we all do a little, together we can do a lot. Let's show our support and together, provide real HOPE for Japan!

Please contact me if you would like this adorable stamp!  I'm going to be ordering soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Still Working!

I'm still working on taxes (I'm an EA), my redecorating project, and the WEDDING for DD, all of which leave little time for scrapping.  Breaks my heart to leave my blog so lonely, but there you go! 

So, instead of scrapping, I give you pictures....first is DD w/ her fiance...such a wonderful pair!  I'm pretty excited to announce that the wedding is in just 40 days!

Next, I'll share a darling pic DH took for his 365 Project page.  This little sweetie is a gal that DD#2 babysits every week, and she has just stolen all of our hearts.  She has a special silly game that she and DH play whenever she comes to our house, and when she wouldn't smile for the camera, DH began to play it with her, and this was the result!  Isn't she a love? 

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blogger Tutorial--Adding a Background to Your Blog

Hi all--I've created a new blog tutorial, and I'd like to invite you over to check it out.  This week, I've added a tutorial on adding a background to your blog.  I'll always announce tutorials here, but feel free to become a follower over there, if you'd like:
Blog Bits

I'm working on adding a page over there that indexes and directly links to all of the tutorial posts.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tiny Blog Hiatus and Update

I'm on a tiny blog hiatus....I have several worthy excuses for neglecting my blog:  Tax Season (I'm an EA), We're painting and doing a little redecorating in my living and dining room (omgosh--gorgeous Wasabi green...sounds crazy, but it is fabulous!  My dining room normally serves as our photo studio, so in its current state of affairs, we can't photograph), Leah's wedding plans (we can finally say the wedding is next month--can you say panic??), and just general life fun--daughter Maura's voice recital,  a scrapbooking class--ya know!

Since I don't have any new scrappy pics to show you, how about a darling picture of two of my cats (I'm a cat lady--we have four PLUS two dogs--it's somewhat chaotic).  These two guys were born to a barn kitty where my daughter rides horses--we went to pick one little female out of the litter, and when we got there, all the kitties had been spoken for except for these two could we choose just one???   Best decision EVER--they are the best kitties--loving to humans and fun-loving with each other and our two other cats!  Plus--look at those little faces.  So--here they are:  Benedick (aka Boo or Benny) and Claudio (Claudie)