Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tiny Blog Hiatus and Update

I'm on a tiny blog hiatus....I have several worthy excuses for neglecting my blog:  Tax Season (I'm an EA), We're painting and doing a little redecorating in my living and dining room (omgosh--gorgeous Wasabi green...sounds crazy, but it is fabulous!  My dining room normally serves as our photo studio, so in its current state of affairs, we can't photograph), Leah's wedding plans (we can finally say the wedding is next month--can you say panic??), and just general life fun--daughter Maura's voice recital,  a scrapbooking class--ya know!

Since I don't have any new scrappy pics to show you, how about a darling picture of two of my cats (I'm a cat lady--we have four PLUS two dogs--it's somewhat chaotic).  These two guys were born to a barn kitty where my daughter rides horses--we went to pick one little female out of the litter, and when we got there, all the kitties had been spoken for except for these two could we choose just one???   Best decision EVER--they are the best kitties--loving to humans and fun-loving with each other and our two other cats!  Plus--look at those little faces.  So--here they are:  Benedick (aka Boo or Benny) and Claudio (Claudie)

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  1. Awww, what cute little faces!! Love this pic!


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