Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Writing Exercises

I am one of those people--the ones who read nerdy books about waves, and tides, and the development of weather technology, watches Teaching Company videos describing the craft of sentence development, or who follows the exercises in books like Steering the Craft, not because I need to do it for school, but because it's fun.  Now that my soul is bare before you, here are today's writings based on the first exercise in the darn book.

I am surrounded by chaos.  Pets and generally-grown children bound me with a continuous cacophony of noise and entertainment, coming and going on their own schedules, oblivious and insensible to mine, not cruel but thoughtless; the benign insensitivity of youth. Usually one child stirs the pot—say in the form of liberating kitten from his crib, my bedroom, with savior’s satisfaction-- abandoning me to battle the ensuing pandemonium, the pattering gallop of kitten feet, attacking and withdrawing, tilting at kittenish windmills, finding foes amongst the dust bunnies, herding the feline household inhabitants into horrified retreat. 

The sun peeps, teasing and taunting, a tiny northwest glimpse groundwards, scattering back behind the clouds, surely to laugh at my longing.

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  1. Ooh, I ALWAYS love reading what you write. I check daily. :)


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