Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the Challenge of "Failure"--a Letter to my Daughters

Failure and disappointment come to us all.  It stings.  It breaks our hearts.  If we let it, it allows us to see an opportunity that we might not have seen had we continued along our path, blinders on.

A very disappointing job experience fifteen years ago led me to pursue my REAL dream--teaching.  I found a temporary job teaching at a community college that led to another permanent job at a different community college.  When state budget cuts descended twelve years later, and my college began the process of merging with another, my job ended.  At first, what seemed to be such a tragedy,  has become a huge blessing as my life takes on a whole new shape.

One of my daughters was rejected from a much-desired college program--twice.  Despite her pain, dear daughter began to reassess her goals, and found a program that she loves, so much so that she is now the top student in class, just beginning her externships.

Another daughter recently received some "bad" news about something she was pursuing.  What do you tell your children about "failure" when your own heart is breaking for them, yet at the same time, you realize this may be the opportunity that changes their life for the best?  This is what I told her, but it could be for any one of my daughters...or for you....

Mom words of encouragement:
You've been BLESSED to have an abundance of talent in a great many areas. More than the average person. Remember that the closing of one tiny door only means you now get to consider all the incredibly many windows still open in your life. Don't beat your head against that one door. Your gifts run wide and deep--language, music, academics, writing. Enter some new windows and see what happens.

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  1. Noboby should keep banging their head against a closed door... your words of encouragement are very beautiful and touching.... would you mind if I made it into a "quote box" and "pinned" it on my Pinterest "Quotes" board? Please LMK.
    Thanks, Paula


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