Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scentsy Zeppelin Review and Crafting Update

First--the crafting update.  I've finished Mister's sweater, a pair of socks, and a shawl since last giving a knitting update.  Pics to follow soon!  Promise!

I'm a home fragrance addict.  12 step program, please....

Scentsy Zeppelin Review
Recently I have tried Scentsy, which has been around since 2005, but which I've managed to ignore as I collected up Yankees and Kringle and tried out a few indie brands.  Recently, though, I've decided to whittle my candle stash down and only invest in melts/tarts/bars--you know--wickless.  For all the obvious reasons.  I can't do 100% soy candles/melts because they make me wheeze. 

Scentsy is a fabulous value, imo.  The bars have 8 cubes in them for $5/bar.  Buy a 6 pack for $25, and that becomes 4.16/bar.  I use 1-2 cubes in my warmers, depending on room size, and they last from 1-4 days!  My Yankees last 1-4 days for a single 1.99 tart (lately, more like 1-2 days), and Kringles now have 5 smaller cubes in their melts for $2.25, although I find a single cube is pretty light.  2-3 cubes per melt gives me the results I like, but they don't typically last beyond 2 days for me.

One of my current Scentsy faves is Zeppelin.  It is part of the Man Collection and is described as, "For those who dare to take to the sky: elegantly balanced citrus and sage soar over sandalwood and vetiver."  In my book, it is definitely a "mandle," and its light gray color underscores this. 

 It is an elegantly complex, balanced scent.  Warm, I get nice herbal whiffs intermingled with the vetiver, which is the yummy beachy grassy scent used in the perfume industry.  The citrus is a light topnote and the sandalwood is very subtle--not overwhelming at all.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "disgusting" and 10 being "I can't live without this scent", I rate this a 10.  Love love love it!  As far as throw, I rate either light, medium, strong, or powerful.  This one is strong in my book.  I used 2 cubes in a medium Scentsy warmer in my dining room, and it wafted throughout the lower level of my home for four days!  If you like Yankee Candle's Sage and Citrus and/or Beachwood, give this one a try.

Scentsy Zeppelin
Scent Rating: 10
Scent Throw: strong

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