Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sometimes I Don't Wanna

I'm not a go-with-the-flow kind of person.  Ask my husband.  Or my mother.  I must have been one of those kids determined to drive their parents crazy with my complete lack of desire to assimilate.

 Of course, as a parent myself, I can see how an innate need to be oppositional isn't always convenient to tickmarking life's little list of To-Do's.  Drag screaming child through Target.  Check.  But, my so-called-self-diagnosed Oppositional Disorder (with no disrespect to formally-diagnosed sufferers) has its strong points. 

First of all, it is so very obviously heriditary--ask the respective men currently attached to my now-grown daughters who are all strong-willed and self-directed.  Second, it really comes in handy in art.   My fellow artistes know what I mean, and dear friend, Wendy, if you're reading this, you are my Queen of Artistic Oppositional Disorder.  I know all about Painting Class.  Ahem....(But that is WHY you are such a great artist--one whose little finger contains more talent than several of my bodies put together.)

But, I digress.  Oppositional Disorder is really what it takes to Practice Art successfully...taking an idea, saying, how great!  But, I don't wanna do it your way, I'm gonna do it MY WAY.  Although my life is otherwise full of practiced opposition, it is only recently that I felt free enough to start applying my OD to my own artistic voice. (insert concerted effort to turn off negative childhood conditioning here) I still do lots of emulating of great ideas, don't get me wrong.  It takes a lot for me to come up w/ an idea of my own--one that is Just Me.

This week I had such a moment.  In my second Bind-it-All class, the instructor had made a perfectly lovely 6-panel wallhanging with pictures of her family.  A wallhanging of the family!  Such a good idea.  But I didn't wanna.  I wanted to create a wallhanging based upon my 2012 Word of the Year--Soar.  I love mixed media, and I wanted to challenge myself not to give in to my usual riotous blaze of color, and do a much more muted palette.  So, with that in mind, I created this:

Quotes from top to bottom:
Who you are is enough
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it
The world can be an amazing place when you're slightly strange
Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied to many

And I love it!  It has so much stuff layered on to it, I couldn't even begin to name it all--from acrylic gels to Copics to rub-ons, paper, embellishments, glitter glue....and more and more and more.

Don't let anyone tell you that opposition is a bad thing.  If used as a positive force for change, it can be wonderful!  Even in an art project.

PS.  True confessions...when I was in the middle of making this, DD Sarah saw it and asked "what does Soab mean?"  Hahahaha...I had cut out a "b" instead of an "r."  These things happen.  Lucky I have a sharp artistic editor!
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  1. LOVE this post--and the project! Oh yeah-I go against the grain, too! Facing surgery-of course I research, read, ask, pray--and decided against one of two surgeries-the surgical nurse chided me "You've been on the internet, haven't you?! You KNOW you're not supposed to do that!!!" Oh really? Did you or your doctor bother to tell me about these side effects or risks? Can you bet your license and his that they won't happen to me? SILENCE. Didn't think so, sweetie! See-this is what I do---it's called taking my own best interest to heart! The last allergist I saw said I couldn't possibly have food allergies. Kids have food allergies-not adults! Oh really? Then why did the blood test I sought out and had on my own tell me I am allergic to at least 50 foods-mainly wheat? I trust NO DOCTOR 100%! Oppositional Disorder! I just chalked it up to being a red-head, German, type A personality! Lol! And yeah, I NEVER make my project just like the teachers--I always have to tweak it-usually with pop dots! Thanks for sharing! Will start following! Blessings, Sharon


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