Saturday, June 2, 2012

Camping & Scentsy Pixie Review

We're going to camp this weekend up near Mt St Helens.  The weather is typical June NW weather--rain!  Sigh.  Think sunny thoughts and maybe we'll have a break or two in the weather.

My crafting mojo has been low this week.  Don'tcha hate that? I don't have much to show for my time--always a sad thing.

So, thought I'd throw out another Scentsy review.  I scoured the web searching for reviews when I was wanting to hope that others find the reviews useful.

Scentsy Pixie Review

Scentsy describes Pixie as: A mischievous moonscape of pink pepper, mandarin, and heliotrope, deepened by exotic teakwood and vanilla oak.

I like the complexity of Scentsy's scents.  Many of them I sniff and think, "what is THAT, it smells so good!"  It makes it hard to pick out a single note.  As the description implies, Pixie is slightly spicy, slightly woodsy, and a little fruity.  It is a very sophisticated scent.  Pink Pepper doesn't really belong to the pepper family--it is actually a berry!  So, Pixie doesn't have that peppery sting that black pepper has.  I absolutely love it, but it is quite different than any other home fragrance I've tried, so really don't have a scent comparison to offer.  I have also added Scentsy's 2012 Scent Note, Pink Pepper, to this one to spice it up even more, and find that just as yummy.  The Pink Pepper in Pixie really is the top note--the one that hits your nose first.  The underlying citrus, florals, and woodsy undertones come through subtley.  The throw on this one is good, but not overpowering.  Two cubes lasted several days in my family room, but really didn't wander beyond the kitchen, the next room over.

If you like distinctive, complex scents, definitely add this to your wishlist.

Scent Rating: 10 (don't worry, I have upcoming reviews for ones that are NOT 10's in my book)
Throw Rating: Medium

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