Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look! Look! A Scent Review Site....

I'm super excited to announce my new website Scent Review (no worries, this blog isn't going anywhere, as you'll see in a minute.)  Scent Review is different than my official Scentsy sales site because it is really just meant to be an informational site.

You know how absolutely nutty for home fragrance I am (every nook and cranny in my home is stuffed w/ scent).  Before I became a consultant for Scentsy, I was looking around the internet for reviews of the scents.  And not finding a whole lot.

I was kind of hoping that a scent review site would be helpful for those who don't have sniff testers at their fingertips 24/7.  I really encourage you to connect with your local Scentsy consultant so you can have a sniff-fest!  I mean, I seriously lie in bed some nights and re-smell all my testers, just to remind myself of their yummy goodness (imagine how Mister loves that!).  But, if you don't have the testers at hand, and need a reminder, come on over to Scent Reviews and remind yourself what a particular scent smells like!

THIS blog will continue with cats, crafts, and crazy, b/c all that is ever-present in my life in addition to scents!  Wouldn't want to give all that up!  Bwahahahaha!

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